Fast Track Assessment

How much does it cost to commission a fast track assessment?

Fast track assessment is a subscriber-only feature that allows users to request an appraisal to be fast-tracked through the system, for a nominal administrative fee of £25.


I have requested a fast track assessment. What happens now?

Thank you for requesting a fast track assessment. We will now start the process of looking for the full papers, writing, checking, and editing the appraisal before we publish it on KSR Evidence. You will receive a notification once it has been published.

Can I request multiple fast track assessments at once?

Yes, you can request multiple fast track assessments. To do so, please go to one of the appraisals you wish to fast track and click the ‘contact us directly’ link below the ‘request fast track assessment’ button on the right-hand side of the page. A message box will appear, in which you can select ‘request fast track assessment’ as the subject line and write a message to us. Please make sure to include the title and KSR record number of those appraisals you wish to fast track. You will receive confirmation once we have received your requested fast tacks, and be notified once they are published.