Viewing KSR Evidence critical appraisals

Selecting and exporting records

  • Select the records you would like to export individually or by choosing Select all on this page.
  • Click on Export and choose whether to export as CSV or in Tagged format.
  • To import references into EndNote, export in Tagged format. Please click here to download our EndNote import filter.

Viewing and printing full appraisals

  • Click on a record title to view a full critical appraisal 
  • Click on Print under Tools on the right hand side of the screen to print the appraisal 

Full text of original articles

  • Links to full text options and/or full reports are provided in the record publication details at the top of the screen. 

Citing KSR Evidence critical appraisals

  • Citations are provided by clicking on the Cite button under Tools on the right hand side of the screen. Records should be cited as follows:

Title of abstract [KSR number] KSR Evidence, available [date of access]. Abstract of: Title, authors, journal title, year of publication, volume and issue number, pages.

Responding to a KSR Evidence critical appraisal

  • Click on Respond under Tools on the right hand side of the screen to comment on a KSR Evidence critical appraisal

Requesting a KSR Evidence critical appraisal

  • To request a fast-track assessment for a currently unassessed KSR Evidence record, click on the Request fast track assessment on the record screen

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